Vermily Membership

Anyone that as our Vermily token is already considered to be part of our Vermily. Every holder of Verm City’s NFT can purchase Verm City’s Membership for only $100 from any of our Verm City locations, present and future. This includes access to all future Verm City Climbing Gyms, fitness centers, and more, around the world!

There will also be exclusive events and opportunities that only our Vermily can be a part of. First round holders of any Vermily token will also receive a secret code that can be used for an exclusive event!

But that’s not all, there will be a lucky few that can be lifetime members to Verm City!

After you receive your Vermily token on July 17th, your token will present itself as a shoe box. This shoe box will hold the shoe that will represent your membership at Verm City. On the official unboxing day, July 25th, the token will change into a colorful climbing shoe!. Through the minting process, the Vermily token will generate a climbing shoe at random with different colors and designs.

Vermily Climbing Shoes – Vermily Membership

Our climbing shoes will have a variety of colors and designs, giving a more fun and unique twist to rock climbing shoes. Anyone holding the Vermily token is a Vermily Member already. There is one key design difference that will represent whether you get the $100 monthly membership offer or free lifetime membership at Verm City.

Vermily Membership Registration

Once you have received your Vermily token, be sure to register it to our Vermily website under My NFT, that way we’ll be able to know who it belongs to, thus ensuring your check-in at our Verm City locations to be much more smoother.

Those with the Vermily token and have not registered it to will need to do so if they want the benefits of either $100 monthly membership or lifetime membership.

On the website, you simply need to register who is using said token, with their name and phone number that they have used for registration at Verm City.


As we cater to families that climb at Verm City, we know that many will ask if kids will also need to open their own crypto wallets to hold on to the token. Perhaps their child is too young to hold on to it or should they trust the child with the token?

We have devised a system where the token requires a registration on our Vermily website. This way members would be able to check-in at Verm City locations and we would know who is a normal member vs a Vermily token holder.

Vermily (Holder)

Vermily holders are those who have the token in their own crypto wallets. They have the ability to transfer the token to another wallet. They can also register who the token belongs to if they want to assign it to another person. Thus if they have a friend or family member who simply want to try climbing at Verm City, they can change their player registration at the Vermily website.


The player is the person who might not necessarily have their own token but are the ones that are registered to the Vermily website under a specific token. They could be temporarily borrowing or renting the token from someone who has it in their wallets.


Carabiner – Vip Vermily Membership

To the lucky few that are able to get our Vermily shoes with the carabiner, they will have lifetime memberships at any of our Verm City locations, so long as they hold onto and register with the token.


Without Carabiner – Basic Vermily Membership

Vermily Climbing shoes without a carabiner represents that you are able to purchase Verm City monthly memberships at each of our locations for only $100 as long as they hold onto and register with said token.

Holder Benefits